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Seattle Hi-Fi

Seattle Hi-Fi has stepped forward to be the Seattle area show sponsor. Thank you!

Seattle Hi-Fi

When choosing an AV company, the most important consideration should be experience. Seattle Hi-Fi has the credentials, expertise, experience and an unending passion for high-end consumer electronics to give rise to your audio and video aspirations. Simply put, Seattle Hi-Fi offers the best installation, automation and integration available in Washington.

We integrate music, video, computers, lighting, security, and phone systems. Let us show you a simple way to integrate systems that are uncompromising in their design, performance, and value. Our goal, since day one, has focused on our client’s unparalleled enjoyment and satisfaction. To accomplish this goal we have expertly chosen the finest products ranging from electronics to television brackets to theater seating. We are the one-stop shop needed to make your audio and video dreams come true.

Seattle Hi-Fi is consistently adding new brands once they pass our critical evaluation and rigorous testing for superior performance within their respective price range. Our brands range from affordable to that of price-no-object. Whether you live in Seattle or are here on business or pleasure please contact us to learn about what is truly possible in the world of home entertainment and automation.

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