The Pacific Audio Fest is first and foremost a show by exhibitors for exhibitors, with that in mind we are always open to input and will do everything possible to make this a great show for every exhibitor and of course by doing that it will be a great show for all attendees.
One of the guiding principles for this show will be to keep the scale manageable for everyone. With that in mind we see about 80 rooms as optimum and will insure that the show will not expand far beyond that.  We expect the show to fill if not the first year , then certainly the second. Once we hit our desired capacity of about eighty exhibit rooms we will simply have a first come first served waiting list. For those who have a room you will have “grandfather” rights and we will be absolutely certain that you do not want to continue with that room before giving it to anyone else. No assumptions or playing with deadlines etc.
     We are a long ways from reserving rooms but we will have safeguards for cancellation, so that no one is left holding the bag. By the time we are ready to reserve rooms the PAF website will handle all forms etc. professionally so registration, badges,directory forms are simple, easy to do and with no “mistakes”.
     Finally it would be an understatement to say we are in uncertain times, but since it takes an immense amount of time and work to initiate a top quality professional show, we will forge ahead. Obviously there will be no deposits until the COVID-19 situation is manageable. When I began work on PAF in fall of 2019 the date of late July/early August 2021 was established as the goal. We are still shooting for that but realize that date may need to be pushed back. Whenever it does happen there is a need for a solid Pacific show that will draw from LA to Vancouver,BC and the Pacific Audio Fest will be ready to rock when the time is right.