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Exhibitor Partner Networking

This page is for exhibitors looking for room partners or willing to be room partners. Other than posting here the PAF staff are not involved in these negotiations.

Acoustic Sciences Corporation will offer complimentary room acoustic treatment for exhibitors needing that service.  Limited supply, based on first-come, first-serve basis.

Snake River Audio is available to provide award-winning TAS Editor's Choice cables for your room.

*-willing to share room costs

*-will have main exhibit downstairs and direct traffic to your room

*-due to main exhibit, will be limited to assist during show hours, but easily available before and after hours

Call Jonny 208-724-5152 or email

Coherence Systems manufacturers of ADD-Powr™ products, is available to provide our award-winning Positive Feed Back Brutus harmonic power conditioner(s) for your room.

Willing to share room costs and assistance.

Contact Bill at 310-954-4837 or email

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