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Shipping Info

       Freight will be handled by the inimitable Rusty Griffin.

Rusty has done an outstanding job of handling freight for most of the USA audio shows for many years and we are very pleased that he will be insuring that all packages are delivered safely and timely to every exhibitor.
                                                       Special show rates will be coming soon.....

Rusty Griffin - Owner
RG Logistics
Ph: 303-416-0227


For a minimal fee the hotel will accept and store  packages from UPS, FedEX, etc.

Parcels may be sent up to 3 working days in advance. A $10.00 per parcel / $75.00 per pallet Receiving/Storage Charge applies. If received prior to 3 working days, a $30.00 per day Receiving/Storage Charge applies.


Please address all parcels as follows:

Doubletree Hotel Seattle Airport

Pacific Audio Fest / Date

Exhibitor Name/ Company

Box 1 of _______

18740 International Blvd.

Seattle, WA  98188

Phone: 206-901-5963

Elevator Dimensions:

Wings 2 &7 : 49.5" x 73" (door opening 41.5"x83.5")

Freight : 47"x96" (door opening 48"x84")

Tower  50"x96" (door opening 41.5"x83.5")

PDF Freight Info

Pacific Audio Fest
RG Logistics

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