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Genesis Advanced Technologies

 A big thanks to Genesis for sponsoring the Kings of Swing 17 piece jazz band on Friday evening in our 14th floor lounge!

Genesis Advanced Technologies



Genesis Advanced Technologies designs and creates high-end, custom-crafted loudspeakers, electronics and interfaces that reproduce music, voices and sound effects with Absolute Fidelity®, style and elegance.

Nothing beats the experience of a live performance—whether music, theater, or the latest blockbuster movie. What if your sound system could transport the live event right into your room in crisp detail—capturing everything from the emotions of the performers, to the ambiance of the location—rather than merely reproduce the sounds?

Here at Genesis Loudspeakers, we live to do just that. Our audio systems transport you in time and space, with all the excitement and goosebumps of being there, as if it is happening all around you.

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