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Press Release: New Wand Analogue Products at Pacific Audio Fest

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Press Release: New Wand Analogue Products at Pacific Audio Fest

June 23 - 25 2023

Simon Brown Founder of Design Build Listen Ltd. is pleased to announce the prototypes of two new Wand analogue products will be used at Pacific Audio Fest 2023, in Cascade 9 at the DoubleTree SeaTac, This is the first appearance of the Wand Dark-Light Tonearm and The Wand 14-5 turntable in the US.

The Wand Tonearm was first launched in 2011, with Plus and Master models. It has been given several design awards and numerous five-star reviews internationally.

The all-new range topping tonearm has the provisional name of The Wand Dark-Light Tonearm reflecting the primal musicality of the arm where music arises from the darkness. The arm has a particularly low noise floor due to the dispersal of vibrations.

“Ten years of experience making the acclaimed Wand Plus and Master models has confirmed the thinking that almost all of the energy generated by the stylus is transformed into vibration (and very little into electrical energy <1%) so dealing with that vibration is vital for fully realizing the full resolving power of vinyl”, says Brown.

The Dark-Light arm takes this to the next level with the strongly tapered tube to further reduce and spread resonances while sinking vibrations into the virtual earth provided by the internal brass body and bearing. The matt black carbon-fibre finish continues this metaphor visually. The defined contact bearing of the arm is a development of the rigid ball-cup bearing in existing Wand arms. It is gravity loaded to ensure constant loading and no slop at a microscopic level.

The Dark-Light arm has independent adjustment for the usual parameters (VTA, VTF, Overhang, Azimuth, antiskate) and also zenith. Two cartridge mounting plates are provided for up and down oriented 2.5mm screws. We are exploring offering custom plates for customers with different geometry and weight needs.

● Tapered carbon-fibre tube to reduce resonances.

● Nominal 10.3in / 262mm length, 15g eff. mass

● Adjustable mount to suit 210/ 222 / 246mm mounting dist. Hole dia. 18-48mm

● OEM variants will also be available (a longer version is planned in the future)

Available Q4 2023 Price: To be confirmed.

A prototype of the new Wand 14-5 Turntable will also be in use. Positioned above the existing 14-4 turntable it has the following extra features:

● Carbon Fibre Mat (Design Reg. applied for)

● Isolation base including;

● Battery supply

● Adjustable IsoAcoustics® feet.

● 2nd arm mounting

● Upgrade path available for the existing 14-4 model.

● Available Q4 2023 Price: To be confirmed.

Media Contact:

-Bob Clarke; Profundo Audio Distribution Phone: 510.375.8651Email:

-Simon Brown, Design Build Listen Ltd,



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