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Ideon Audio unveils the ultimate re-clocker: The Absolute Signature V

A non-compromise design is designed to provide any DAC, regardless of price or brand, the perfect digital signal free from loss, noise, jitter and myriad of other issues that can stem from a digital musical signal. Besides having both USB and SPDIF capabilities, it is also able to act as a master clock for and SACD and CD transports. Correction is applied at both ends of the signal - input and output - of the circuit.

  • Advanced triple Distillation USB input comprising a proprietary three-stage noise eradication circuit that eliminates digital noise from the input signal.

  • Twin cascading sequential re-clocking systems with the absolute best Femto clocks in a proprietary upgradable circuit.

  • Twin sequential re-driving systems with clean power and regenerating buffering technology.

  • Parallelized, extremely low nose power supplies for noise elimination.

  • Parallelized power transformers of excessive load.

  • future-proof upgradable platform

All housed in a 48 lbs CNC milled aluminum chassis that takes 15 hours to complete. Ideon Audio will also unveil their new EOS series, EOS DAC, Stream and reclocker. Based on trickle down technology used in their reference Absolute Series models.



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