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Audio Skies World premiere at the PAF: JMF Audio - HQS 7001 Mono Amplifiers

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Room Evergreen #4

JMF Audio - The Patek Phillip of high-end audio

JMF Audio of France, founded by Jean-Marie Fusilier, has designed handcrafted state-of-the-art amplifiers, renowned for their performance, high output power and natural sound since 1985. The quality and performance of the JMF Audio components have convinced some of the most prestigious recording studios in the world (Soundville, Switzerland, Masterfonics, USA, Tom Hidley's reference studio, 2L Label, Norway - to name a few) to use JMF amplifiers and power line filters. Headed with passion by a family of engineers, who understands how music is produced, who continuously invests in R&D. JMF Audio has created a complete product line of excellence; for discerning audio connoisseurs and music lovers.

Un-balanced incoming signals automatically take advantage of the symmetrical amplifications structure. The proprietary DC coupling allows a direct signal path (cutoff below 3Hz with offset error detection). These features have been common to all our designs and have taken advantage of improvements with time, on technical and sound quality aspects.

The LDA mono driver board features metal case ultra low-noise discrete components (military grade), bespoke capacitors and components, all built to precisely fit JMF Audio’s specs and in-house designs. Temperature compensated current biasing. Every components and connectors on the audio path have been selected for their reliability and on listening for their natural sound characteristics. A total of 6 adjustment points require manual calibration after a 100 hour burn-in period on each driver board.

To achieve the highest quality of sound and performance, JMF Audio proprietary PGP pure gold finish - multi layer printed circuit board - is incompatible with the automated processes. Therefore the hundreds of components populating both sides of the board and through the board are hand-mounted and soldered one by one by our specialized technicians with JMF Audio's bespoke solder, using a magnifying glass. A work of art that recalls jewels manufacturing.

The philosophy of the JMF Audio HQS power amplifiers:

A huge reserve of energy for instant delivery at the output on fortissimo. Achieved with the proprietary RPS concept involving bespoke toroidal transformers and bespoke high performance capacitors.

High voltage electronics for superior headroom and higher efficiency. A linear amplification by design, a short signal path starting with a precision trimmed balanced input stage. These are key features of the LDA driver board, the center piece.

High current output capability for best possible control, allowing the amplification structure not to rely on compensations such as feedback loops, yet featuring a high damping factor by nature. The base of the proprietary MTP concept.

Output Power: 700W/4 ohms

Common mode rejection: 100 db

Bandwidth: 3Hz - 100kHz

Signal to noise ratio: better than 125db

Ouput stage current capability: 112A



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