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After-hours music sessions with Greg Weaver at PAF

For the first time at Pacific Audio Fest, renowned audiophile and industry journalist Greg Weaver will spend Friday and Saturday evenings presenting his curated after-hours music sessions for the enjoyment of any in attendance. Join Greg in a different room each night, both featuring unique world-class music systems.

Friday at 8:00 PM, join Greg, Innuos, Acora Acoustics, Audio Research, Cardas, and ASC in Suite 1370 for an unprecedented first! While Greg traditionally treats show-goers to select music from his extensive LP collection, on Friday night, he will spend the evening playing music selected entirely from his store of digital files. Like all his presentations, his introductions will include details about the music, its production, the band’s history and members, and other interesting and relevant facts about the music he will be playing.

LP devotees have no fear. Saturday evening brings a return to the traditional. Starting at 8:00 PM, join Greg, the Valve Amplification Company, Von Schweikert Audio, and The Audio company in Grand Ballroom 2, as he presents one of his now celebrated LP sessions. Greg will be playing cuts from hand-picked pressings from his personal collection of some of the most remarkable and impressive rock and classical recordings ever released, all chosen for their social and sonic merit.

In years past, these listening sessions have been touted by industry members and show-goers alike as the highlight of their show experience, and these events promise to be bigger and better than ever. These are often SRO (Standing Room Only) events, so we hope you will come early enough to get a great seat. I hope you’ll plan to join us. (Greg Weaver has been a senior writer at The Absolute Sound and is currently a senior writer for Part-Time Audiophile, Enjoy the Music, and Positive Feedback. He also produces regular content for his YouTube channel, in connection with his website, the audio analyst©)



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