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Irvin Guitars

Wayne Johnson

Bremerton, WA

Hand-built custom acoustic guitars

Wayne Irvin Johnson got his first guitar at age 6.  His Dad taught him 3 chords and within just a few months Wayne learned the entire '61 Hank Williams Greatest Hits album.  His natural ear for music has played a significant role in his custom acoustic guitar building.  It was not until after Wayne and Julie raised their 4 kids that it was decided Wayne would pursue his lifelong passion of building world class custom acoustic guitars. He was able to take Sergei DeJonge's guitar building course in the fall of 2014.  With Sergei's affirmation and encouragement, Wayne launched his own line of custom guitars. Irvin Guitars was born.  He has been building full-time since 2016.  He has had the wonderful privilege of building for a number of touring musicians and great players including the 2107 international fingerstyle champion, Christie Lenee'.  His guitars are noted for their remarkable sustain, balance, note separation, resonance and playability.  He is very passionate about his work.  Wayne and his wife Julie live in the Seattle, WA area.  Irvin Guitars, experience one!

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